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Marketing and Promotion

Since 1999 CSC Group has supported important Italian and foreign companies in the promotion of their products and services, especially in the cosmetic sector as well as during conferences, fairs and events.

Our Services

Staff Outsourcing

For promotional activities CSC Group makes its own resources available or takes on board the resources known and appreciated by the CLIENT who, however, does not want or cannot manage them directly.

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In Store Promotion

CSC Group organizes promotional events in stores on the basis of the client's marketing and communication plans, taking care of every aspect, from identifying the most appropriate resources to training them.

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Within the sales points indicated by the Client and based on its promotion plans, CSC Group offers stock control, set-up, inventory, price reporting and management of display stands and open service furniture services.

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Staff Training

CSC Group organizes workshops and staff training courses on the presentation of the products to the public based on the specific needs of the customer.

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Marketing and Communication

CSC Group, together with its partner, offers marketing and communication services in the real world and in the virtual world to complement the promotion services, including Graphic Design services and website design and construction services for WEB and MOBILE.

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